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Welcome to's official documentation. Find help with various topics here.

🪐 What is is a virtual space where we provide the following features;
  • Turning 2D NFTs into a wearable T-Shirt for your avatar
  • Limiting your metaverse to "NFT holders only"
  • Place 2D & 3D NFTs in metaverse
  • Wearing 3D NFTs

🛍️ What is Marketplace

MetaMart is an NFT marketplace to buy, sell, and trade 3D on-chain NFTs. Access the marketplace here. It has the following usages;
  • Sell 3D NFT wearables
  • Buy 3D NFT wearables that are for sale
  • Mint 3D NFT wearables is powered by Suishow Inc, which is a Japanese corporation envisioning crypto and metaverse as the next paradigm shift. You can contact us by sending emails here: [email protected] .
You can also visit our homepage from here.

🛩 Future plans

Please see our roadmap below.