2. Foundations and History

Zoa is currently managed by a Japanese tech company called Suishow. The CEO of the company is Natsu, who is an engineer & product manager and created several social networking apps and NFT projects in his life. Few apps he created by himself have over a hundred thousand users right now and tries to bring his passion for connecting the world into the metaverse in this company.
Suishow visioned metaverse and NFT as the next era since 2020 and has been creating an NFT marketplace that specializes in 3D items since then. Suishow consists of 15 crypto and metavrese ethusiasts, who envision creating the biggest crypto projects in history.
Suishow has also previously worked on metaverse projects with many famous companies in Japan and brought people into the metaverse. We have developed a service called "XRStudio" where any company can build their own metaverse and host events there.
Links to information about us are below;
  • Suishow Inc.
  • MetaMart (NFT Marketplace)
  • Zoa
  • XRStudio
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