5. Technology

Zoa and its marketplace are powered by blockchain technology to record the ownership of tokens. It allows users to buy, sell, and trade without any centralized restrictions. We use IPFS to host the storage server, therefore we cannot change data without the owner's permission. We want non-blockchain users to also use our service, so to achieve this, we are making the technology and the backend as transparent as possible.
Below are some of the technologies and services that power Zoa;


In Zoa, players can turn 2D NFTs into wearable T-Shirt for their avatar. This function currently supports Ethereum and Polygon blockchain ERC721 and ERC1155 NFTs. This is the same for 2D NFTs players and builders can place in Zoa. However, for 3D wearables and 3D items, it needs to be a Polygon ERC721 on MetaMart. In order to implement features such as 3D wearable NFTs, we developed protocols for 3D wearables and avatars, and our ERC721 differs from the normal ERC721 in a number of ways. Therefore, we intend to make a request to be registered in the ERC as an EIP in the future so more people can build their 3D wearable NFTs and avatars based on our protocols.
You can check our protocols on wearable 3D NFTs here.

Security and Privacy

Zoa and its marketplace rely on MetaMask wallet to buy, trade, and sell NFTs. We do not store any private key on our server, and the only person who can affect the token is the token holder. On our backend, we do not collect any data on what players do on Zoa including but not limited to;
  • Voice Chat
  • Text Messaging
  • What player clicks or any action taken on Zoa
  • Any privacy information
This is the reason why our responsibility is thus minimal, and everyone can feel safe.
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