We'll answer some frequently asked questions here.

Q. What is the gas fee?

Gas fees are fees paid to miners on blockchain. We do not receive any of these fees. We also don't control gas prices nor does it profit from them.

Q. Who pays the gas fee?

Almost all markets make the seller pay gas fees, but for our marketplace, we pay for you. We feel the price of gas fees limits the number of sellers entering the crypto market. *We might change this later on, so be hurry selling NFTs : )

Q. What is the service fee?

We receive 10% of transactions happening on primary sales, and we take 5% of transactions on secondary sales.

Q. Can you also buy in Opensea?

Yes, NFTs sold on MetaMart are also purchasable on Opensea and other marketplaces.

Q. How to create your own contract?

We do not support your own contract on MetaMart at this moment.

Q. Which chain is supported?

We only support Polygon right now.