4. Roadmap

We are holding a strong product roadmap and a top engineering team to execute a strong vision and future to build an immersive and decentralized virtual space platform where people can build, own, monetize, and socialize powered by multiple blockchains.
※ Please be aware that this roadmap is subject to change or update and should not be construed as a commitment, promise, or guarantee by Zoa.
We aim to become the leading infrastructure for blockchain metaverse, reaching 1M DAUs over the next few years, and to accomplish this, we will be working on;
  • Marketplace: MetaMart is the first-ever NFT marketplace specialized in 3D within the industry. It will be the "" of the metaverse, supporting not only Zoa NFTs but all metaverse's NFTs in the upcoming future. We have teams studying 3D file formats and avatar standards, which is why we have a function to wear 3D NFTs and 2D NFTs on Zoa. The marketplace is based on Polygon (+ Ethereum in the future) and you can also trade in OpenSea and other marketplaces.
  • User experience: Good user experience is what lacks in Decentraland, The Sandbox, and other blockchain metaverses. We really care about how players are able to play without any stress, and we have gaming engineer teams from Japan to achieve this. We are loyal to players. The reason why the current blockchain metaverse lacks user experience is decentralization. Decentralized "sounds" awesome, but it requires a few barriers including but not limited to below;
    1. 1.
      P2P communication
    2. 2.
      Provide your own server to own land
    3. 3.
      Provide renzeveous server to able to communicate on your land (Only for Decentraland)
    This is why we are starting with Web2.5 ways like OpenSea and MetaMask to provide a stress-less and smooth user experience, turning to fully decentralized in the upcoming future. (I have one disappointing message for fans of decentralization. The current blockchain metaverse is not even fully decentralized. For example, all of The Sandbox's hidden game items and such are stored in AWS S3 as stated in the whitepaper here. We believe that it is better to have a good performance right now than to act as if the metaverse were decentralized and have a low performance.)
  • An ecosystem of UGC: The ecosystem of UGC (User Generated Contents) is at the heart of Zoa's viral phenomenon. An ecosystem of UGC is going to be decentralized, and creators and owners have full ownership and control of contents and creator rights which allows them from deserving legitimate value for their creations.
We have the following roadmap;


  • Alpha Release of Zoa NFT Marketplace (MetaMart)
  • Airdropping limited NFT to our fans
  • Partnerships with fashion brands
  • Started developing Zoa (Were stealth)
  • Got funded from a few venture capitals and an angel investor
All completed for 2021.


  • Accept credit card payment
  • Airdropping limited NFTs to our fans
  • Partnerships with popular NFT projects
  • Alpha release of Zoa
  • Land presale
  • Support for full VR
  • Support for iPhone and Android apps
  • Support for Steam
  • Moving to Singapore to issue tokens and turn in into a DAO


  • Support for other metaverse items to trade
  • Partnerships with popular NFT projects and companies
  • Providing our own VR HMD to have an immersive experience
  • Providing builder function
  • Turning to DAO
  • Issuing our tokens