1. Introduction and Summary

Zoa is a virtual world where people can build, own, monetize, and socialize powered by multiple blockchains. Players and projects are able to build their own world based on their philosophy. Our vision is to disrupt how we live today on Earth and be the industry pioneer in providing deeply immersive spaces in which people do "live" in the future, way before people go to mars.
Zoa plans to be fully decentralized by becoming a DAO and creators can monetize through experiences in the platform's utility token in the upcoming future.
Today, we believe there are two types of metaverse; the first is non-blockchain metaverse like VRChat, Roblox, and Minecraft. They are fully centralized and have full ownership and control of contents and creator rights which limits them from deserving legitimate value for their creations. The second type is blockchain-metaverse like Decentraland, CryptoVoxels, and The Sandbox. It's hard to believe but those metaverses are not in use by many people. Instead, they are traded in high amounts of money for land traders and investors. Those metaverses have expanded their land too soon, which disperse active users. They also pay too much attention to decentralization right now, when it only makes performance worse. (We will explain in more detail why the current blockchain-metaverse sucks here) We believe that metaverse which is only favored by investors and traders will eventually vanish.
Zoa is designed to be used by many crypto fans and NFT project owners, not just investors. We have designed based on an optimized user experience for socializing and a fully immersive experience that supports VR, smartphones, and other factors.


Information on this document is subject to change or update and should not be construed as a commitment, promise, or guarantee by Zoa. This document is also not for soliciting to sell shares or securities or crypto assets. Zoa expressly disclaims any and all responsibility for any direct or consequential loss or damage of any kind of issue arising from reliance on the information in this document. Please do not trade or invest in any crypto assets or companies or entities based on the information here. Any investment requires risk and please be aware that we disclaim any and all responsibilities.


Abbrebiation/Key word
Non-Fungible Tokens
Initial coin offering
A company managing Zoa
Blockchain metaverse we are developing
User gnerated content

1.1 What we do

Zoa is a blockchain-metaverse where people can build, own, monetize, and socialize. To clear things up, there is "Land" and "Space" in Zoa.
Who is the owner?
Land owner owns land
Every user & projects get to create their own virtual space
What can you do?
Monetize by having events and building games
Socialize, share, and exhibit NFTs
You cannot buy land at this moment
No limitations, borderless
※ Land will be subjected as a lobby for spaces in the alpha version.
We also provide these functions for Space;
  • Turning 2D NFTs into a wearable T-shirt for your avatar
  • Locking your metaverse space to "NFT owner's only"
  • Cutomizing your metaverse space
  • Create & Trade 3D NFTs in our marketplace

1.2 Technology & Future

We support multiple blockchains on our platform including
  • Ethereum: 2D NFTs to wear
  • Polygon: 2D NFTs to wear & 3D wearable items
  • Solana (Currently in progress)
We have NOT ISSUED any tokens right now, and plan to do so by next year. We are airdropping to creators, players, fans, and NFT holders. More information will be revealed soon. Stay tuned.
Our Land will start to be sold on our marketplace in the near future. We would like to give priority to NFT projects and creators who take the initiative to use Zoa at this moment. The land will be permanently owned by the community, giving full control of the utility such as monetizing by hosting events and games. The land will be a non-fungible NFTs stored in a public blockchain smart contract. It can be acquired by using our ERC20 token or Ethereum.
Unlike other social networks and metaverse, Zoa will not be controlled by a centralized organization in the future. Centralized service has full control of contents and creator rights which limits them from deserving legitimate value for their creations, and we would not want this. We aim to establish a network that allows its content creators and landowners to get and capture the value of their works.

1.3 Overview

The core value of Zoa is its ecosystem for people to build, own, monetize, and socialize in virtual spaces. Our service consists of 3 main components; Zoa Land, Zoa Space, and Marketplace. These components create an intersection of Blockchain technologies and metaverse we aim as our goal.

1.3.1 Zoa Land

Zoa Land is a virtual space where you can own land NFTs. (Ex. Decentraland, The Sandbox, and Crypto Voxels). You can buy, trade, and sell Land and the owner can take a part in the governance of the Zoa platform after we become a DAO. The owner can also rend Land or develop games and events there to monetize. If you don't own land, that's ok too. You can rent Land and monetize there ( but the margin goes to the landowner). Some of the things you can do there are below;
  • Turning 2D NFTs into a wearable T-Shirt for your avatar
  • Buy, trade, and sell Land
  • Build, monetize, and host events on Land
  • Place your Zoa Space on Land
※ Please be aware that you cannot buy Land at this moment. You can enter the central area which is owned by Zoa.

1.3.2 Zoa Space

Zoa Space is a virtual space where anyone can create. (Ex. VRChat, OnCyber, and Facebook Horizon). It is a space where anyone can create and socialize without any borders. Some of the things you can do there are below;
  • Turning 2D NFTs into a wearable T-Shirt for your avatar
  • Limiting your metaverse to "NFT owners only"
  • Customize the metaverse to fit your NFT project world
  • Place 2D & 3D NFTs in metaverse
    We really care about the how players and projects are able to build their own world based on their philosophy, and this is why we do not limit any 3D UGC, allowing to freely build their own world.

1.3.3 Marketplace

We have long been working on the first NFT marketplace specialized in the metaverse. It will be the "" of the metaverse, supporting not only Zoa NFTs but all metaverse's NFTs in the upcoming future. We have teams studying 3D file formats and avatar standards, which is why we have a function to wear 3D NFTs and 2D NFTs on Zoa. The marketplace is based on Polygon (+ Ethereum in the future) and you can also trade in OpenSea and other marketplaces. We are also testing credit card payments right now and will be released in upcoming weeks.
Good to know: depending on the product you're building, it can be useful to explicitly document use cases. Got a product that can be used by a bunch of people in different ways? Maybe consider splitting it out!